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A bit late…

Fri, 30th Sep 2011 Leave a comment

FTSE-100 at close on 29th Sep 2011… but I’ll give it a go. My horizontal triangle didn’t hold, but the index has broken through the lower tramline asĀ  I expected. It has bounced back, though I still think it should get to 4800 before it turns around. I should have opened this bet a couple of days ago at 5300, but I was out at the time so wasn’t able to. I have sold Dec FTSE at 5073 (index at 5105) with a 100 point margin. With all the volatility at present I am not particularly confident, but I am hopeful of a 300 point profit in the next few days.

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Steady as she goes…

Fri, 16th Sep 2011 Leave a comment

FTSE-100 at 15th September 2011The FTSE has crept up from its closing low of 5000 staying between a nice pair of tramlines (the sloping lines above). At some point though it will break out of this range and I am expecting it to be on the down side. There is a potential triangle forming between the lower tramline and the horizontal line above which I will just watch with interest for now. If the index falls back to the lower tramline and then bounces again I might consider a down bet. I think a further visit to the intraday low of 4800 could be in order before a possible recovery from this dip.

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