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My experiment has failed

Wed, 4th Apr 2012 Leave a comment

The FTSE has come most of the way back down from the 20 day moving average, which is a lot more than I anticipated, so I have closed my bet at an 11% profit just in case I am wrong about the index’s third leg.

I am still unable to avoid my decisions being framed in the context of the conspirators’ interference so I have decided to stop wasting any more money trading. I had hoped that¬† writing this blog would help me behave more rationally and independently of them, but it has not proved to be. Schizophrenia is a stress induced condition and I am finding it very difficult to cope with the stress of trading.¬† Consequently, this will be my last trading post on this blog.

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Target reached, but I’m holding on for more

Tue, 3rd Apr 2012 Leave a comment

Chart of FTSE-100 at 2nd April 2012It looked a bit dicey yesterday morning, but there was a strong surge in the afternoon (surprisingly without much help from the Dow) that took the FTSE to its 20 day moving average. That was my initial target, but the strength of the surge has made me think we should get back to the top of the range at around 6000.

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