I was a computer programmer for over a decade and the first company I worked for produced stock market information systems which inspired me to follow the markets myself. My career ended when some office bullying stressed me to the point of mental illness while working at Lucent Technologies.

The pills my psychiatrist gives me help somewhat, but have never stopped other people behaving strangely. My full story is on my website.

I still try to make my fortune spread-betting, but it has been very difficult to ignore the cryptic messages I get through the radio which undermine my confidence to follow my instincts. Consequently, my results have been pretty dismal over the last few years, though had I been free to follow my instincts unhindered, I would have been well up by now, so I persist. I am hoping that blogging my thoughts on the subject will help me act more rationally and thereby improve my results.

I am not generally a day-trader and don’t normally speculate on short-term movements, but look for predictable moves over the one to six weeks, medium, timeframe. My analysis is partly based on charts and partly on looking for patterns in historic data which have repeated.

Update as of June 2012

I have now given up spread-betting as I found I was unable to avoid framing my decisions in the context of the conspirators’ comments and my performance did not improve as I had hoped. However, I still comment on the stock market from time to time.

Andrew Edgington

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